Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hello Japan

I've been here four days now, so I thought it was about time my blog was updated.
Life here is like a totally different world. I don't really know where to begin!
I arrived on Thursday morning at 9am, and was taken straight from the airport to my agency here, greeted, had measurements, polaroids, etc.. and told what I should/should not be eating. Then some of the other models arrived at the agency and we were driven around the city for an afternoon of castings. After castings and surviving the heat over here, we were driven back to the apartment, which is just a short walk and two subway stops from the agency, so it's really close. Friday was very similar. Straight to the agency in the morning, and castings until 8pm.

The castings here are so different to English ones. To start with, there is the complete language barrier. We are taken by someone from the agency, who does all the communicating for us. I am just learning the word 'arragato' which I believe means thank you. Although I'm not quite sure of my spelling! There are no other English models here either. So it's not just the Japanese clients with the language and cultural barrier. There are a couple of American girls, some Russian, Polish, South African, Lithuanian.. Girls from all over the world. I was sharing my apartment with a Polish girl but she got sent home on Friday so currently I am alone in my ninth floor apartment.

So it's now Sunday evening and I've had the weekend to begin settling into the apartment and try to get to grips with where abouts I am in relation to the rest of the city. I attempted the subway yesterday to find Osaka castle but I got totally lost and returned home via some shops. Today I opted for a rather chilled day, cleaned the apartment because models live a very messy life. And read my book.. Now it's the evening and I'm pretty tired so I plan on sleeping soon, ready for this week which I have a feeling will be rather hectic and will take a lot of getting used to.


  1. Eeee it all sounds so exciting!! I'm so glad you're having a good time :) x

  2. How is the food?
    And the whole living with others?
    And...I have a million questions.
    I think I might FB you <3