Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I want to ride my bicycle

I love the song! Also, I do want to ride my bicycle.
Or at least a bicycle. Any one I can get hold of? ALL the Japanese cycle, and the walkways are filled with the tiny Japanese on their tiny little bikes, and then there's me. Tall pale red headed me, white as anything, walking along with my chicken legs out! I would very much like it if we were allowed to at least hire the bikes here. But we're not allowed.
Apparently it's like owning and driving a car. You have to be taxed and registered to use a bike. And unfortunately, we are not permanent residents here, so we would get into trouble if we did start cycling along the streets. Such a shame. It would be a great way to lose the extra weight they want me to, while keeping fit and toned. Plus, it would be wonderful for days like today. I have had pretty much the entire day off. We have castings but not until 5pm and it's only 3.15pm now.
I have been productive though. Models tend to live messy lives, and the fridge was so unclean, so I took everything out, cleaned from top to bottom (it's only a tiny fridge anyway!) and put only the good stuff back in. Showered, read a little, began to learn some Japanese, although it's actually pretty difficult.
Anyway - mid afternoon update - done.
Ah, new thing I learned also. When the Japanese greet each other or meet, they do not shake hands. Instead, they bow. I am already doing this, but the tendency is this: the greater respect you have for the other person, the bigger bow you make. These bows can be either a small nod of the head to the other person, or a full on bow of the body.
Learning new things all the time here!

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  1. You don't need to lose weight.
    Try not let your head get carried away with that.
    You want to experience this to the full.
    Love <3