Thursday, 16 June 2011


It is currently 00.25am and there is not much to say, so this will be a rather uneventful update. Just an advance warning.

I have been pretty immobile. Not because I can't move. I can. I've indulged in watching the entire first season of Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives (which is a hell of a lot of television watching for someone who usually barely finds time to stick to my one hour a week of Glee). Chilling at home has become very comfortable while I wait and wait patiently for my visa. I took a flying visit to London yesterday with my beautiful friend Zana. I went to get the visa finalized so now I feel much better knowing more about my plans for Japanese travel. I should fly out Monday/Tuesday. Woo hoo. Please fast forward the next few days?

Today I had a little hair cut to keep the healthy golden locks up. And I discovered the goodness of nakd wholefoods bars. Oh my life, they are delicious. It'll be the cashew cookie for me tomorrow I think. One hundred percent vegan raw foods. This is what the majority of my diet is at the moment. It's a change for the better I think. A step away from the sweetened caffeinated chemical filled food and a step toward a nourished and healthier me.

My sketch book and pencil have also made a significant appearance today. I decided to reignite my love for art and dug out some old editorials and attempted some sketches and such. It is such a relaxing hobby.

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  1. Love you {{{hugs}}}

    I know the bars, I have had them for years.
    Whilst I am all for this healthy attitude, just be careful it doesn't morph into Orthorexia (it happened to me) xxxx