Sunday, 19 June 2011

Japanese visa

Visa has finally arrived, flights are booked, phone plan is changed to allow usage abroad, and I now have to begin getting ready to leave - packing and such must be done at some point! Highly excited about this. Not so thrilled about the long flight, but I hope it is all worth it when I arrive in Japan. I leave at 10am on Wednesday morning and arrive in Osaka at 9am on Thursday morning. Any boredom travelling tips would be highly appreciated!

In other news - There is not much more to say. I have been chilling with my lovely best friend Mark, and my thrilling life led me to watch the entire series of The Apprentice today. Well, up until the most recent episode. I am ashamed/proud (I haven't worked that out yet) to say that I am well and truly hooked. The Nakd wholefoods bar is still going strong too. I really have taken quite a liking to them. Shame, since I very much doubt they sell them in Japan!

Before this post develops into the highly sought after 'ramblings of Tanya Beetham', I shall say bon nuit, and get myself some beauty sleep. It is the middle of the night after all. But we do know that this tends to be prime blogging time..

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  1. books, shitty magazines, can't go wrong with a good ol' craft or two ;) plus you'll get films and shit on the plane seeing as it's so long! :D win xxxxxx