Wednesday, 14 March 2012

don't mind if I do indulge..

Today was day two of Harvey Nichols shows in Leeds. Again, lovely lovely people and good show. Shall put a few pics up at some point. Had the most wonderful chats with my make up artist too. I adore that about my job - always meeting really endearing and interesting individuals.
Anyway, I have returned home, with cup of tea, and ready to do a little more essay writing. Oh, the thrills of being a model and a student. 
The focus of this post is only to state that there really is not a better way to start the day than a soy latte, free of charge, personalized, courtesy of Starbucks.   

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  1. YES Free Starbucks is the way to go, I love how they are now writing names on the cups too :)

    Jess x