Sunday, 4 March 2012

to be different

'You are different'
What does this mean?
Different compared to who, or what, or when?
Or just 'different'..
Sometimes it is good to be different. To be unique in some kind of way. Distinct, distant, individual, peculiar, abnormal, rare, unusual.. The words could go on and on in a never ending sort of way.
So yes, sometimes different is good. Lovely even. Sometimes it is intriguing and  mysterious and endearing. But on the other hand, it is scary and unknown. The different ones don't tick boxes and don't conform to the expected behaviour. They have a certain air of unpredictability.
Why am I over thinking this? I have an essay to write in which some reflective insight and plenty of words would be incredibly useful. A 'different' approach would be useful. A focussed mind would be equally welcome. So why over-think this?
What does it mean to be different?

1 comment:

  1. YOU(nique)

    In your "different" quirky ways...there ain't no other YOU
    Revel in your own unique beauty