Sunday, 18 March 2012

on a sunny, cold, beautiful Mother's Day

Today is March 18th 2012 - Mothering Sunday.
I spent yesterday drinking coffee with Kat, watching a film at the cinema (We Bought a Zoo) which by the way, is a definite must-see. And then a trip top Harrogate to have a drink with friends and spend the evening at home, ready to spend time with family today for Mother's Day. And that is what we did. A lot of catching up, and a rather long walk with Bryony, Mum, and the dog out to a beautiful reservoir. It was sunny, just deceivingly cold. But it was freeing to be away from the house, away from housemates, and out in the fresh air. 

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  1. I love love love each of these pictures :)
    I love how you write Tanya.
    It is so uplifting and spirited and I am very much looking forward to that movie too :)