Monday, 5 March 2012

a Sunday song

If you were to read through my tweets from tonight it is plain as day that I have been listening to Damien Rice on repeat for the majority of the day. Approximately ninety percent of this Sunday has been spent on the laptop in my bedroom with a scented candle burning and cup of tea in hand while observing the grey and rainy skies outside my bedroom window and feeling somewhat comforted in the knowledge that there is safety within the four walls of my room. I finished the first draft of my social psychology essay - therefore, completing the mission of today. I now have the following four days to edit, reference and perfect my masterpiece (which in reality may be perceived as total and utter bollocks).
Ever the optimist at 3am.

There is a certain air of delicate grace in Damien Rice's words and music. Calming and gentle and lovely.

'Nothing is lost, it's just frozen in frost
And it's opening time, there's no one in line...
.. And I've still got me to keep me warm.
Warmer than warm'

- Damien Rice, Grey Room.

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