Saturday, 3 March 2012

snakes and such

I have been wanting to blog but have been constantly far too exhausted. I am still exhausted but anything is a welcome distraction today so here I am. A million and more words in my mind; only a few appropriate for blogging about, but here I am. I shall attempt to draw a little picture of this week, in the form of words.

Whoever knew that I would develop an appreciation of snakes? Snakes out of all things? Yes. Snakes. I did a test shoot yesterday with two 5ft long snakes but we only really worked using the larger one of the two. Most of the team were somewhat afraid. I was of course a little nervous - I'd never even touched one of these strange creatures before but once I learned how to handle him I really really enjoyed it. Definitely the best shoot I've done in a while. We had a lovely, lovely team, a fairly relaxed day, and lemon drizzle cake for lunch :)

The snake I took a liking to was called Jake. Admittedly, a snake still wouldn't be the pet of my choice, but it was such a surprisingly calming experience. Given certain happenings this week, this calming and gentle being is what I needed so perhaps I was just holding out for anyone, or anything to love me. But the less said about that, the better. Perhaps it was just this particular snake but he was ever so gentle and peaceful. When he was comfortable and rested he would rest his head on my shoulder next to my ear and fall asleep. His entire body would relax and I could feel his breathing in and out and in and out. It could almost be used as snake therapy.

Prior to this snake shoot I had a brief stint in London with three other beautiful models from Boss - Lauren, Wing, and India, for a L'Oreal hair show. These three are really really lovely girls to be away with and we of course found time for sushi, tea drinking, and late night chats. All part of the job, oui? Plus side - Lots of goodies in the form of make up and hair care for us to take home.

So the times that don't account for working or sleeping on trains, consist of a daydream of thoughts, actions, things I may or may not have said or done. There's a state of being which we slip into when we are in-between dreaming and consciousness. I seem to spend a lot of time existing in a state very similar to this. It is wonderful, of course. Why would it be anything other than wonderful if it is something we create for ourselves? The point being, that it is not reality. Right now, reality is a land in which I must find my feet and it must begin tomorrow. I currently have a substantial amount of essay writing to be done. This should not be too challenging, given that I am now fully stocked up with vanilla rooibus tea. I have my notes and papers at the ready. All I need is my mind, and a little sleep tonight.

Anna has arrived in my room. Lovely lovely Anna.
Last night I fell asleep in her bed, she then decided to sleep in mine. It was funnier at the time. Still amusing now, but yes. The life of the crazies.

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  1. Snakes, tea, and an Anna to top it all of. A lovely blog, but a sad week. Hopefully things will get brighter for you because you're dead special and I love you. x