Thursday, 27 September 2012

Second home

Back in London, back in my second home. Just wanted to write this thought before I close my eyes and sleep. Please note.. Bed has never felt better than this does right now.

This entire summer has been spent moving house or packing or unpacking and living entirely out of a suitcase (my own choice - so I'm not complaining, just explaining). I have down-sized a lot of my belongings and been rather charitable in my donations to numerous charity shops along the way. This has served to provide me with a first hand realisation that inner happiness and peace really does not depend on our possessions, but is more a situational and somewhat individual state of being which depends on many aspects of life. Not only factual aspects, but more-so the way in which we view things and how we carry ourselves. The people we surround ourselves with, the choices we make daily which enrich and fulfil our lives, and the feeling of 'home', whatever that subjectively means to each individual. This is what defines inner happiness. Not the mountains of junk and pointless possessions we aimlessly hold onto, for fear that letting them go means that we no longer have a meaning or identity. Of course, it is human nature to need security and comfort, but these are much, much more than a pile of belongings.

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