Thursday, 27 September 2012

A city underwater

Okay, so York is not quite entirely underwater, only partially. But nevertheless, it's quite an adventure. I am writing again while on the move (train back to London) as this seems to be the only available time for blogging and processing my thoughts! I spent a couple of nights back home as I had no castings or jobs and I needed to move into my new home and go to some introductory lectures back at university. It's been good to be home and make a start on unpacking my life so I can begin living life from a home again rather than from a suitcase. My mum kindly helped me move into my new place which is cool and I've sort of begun unpacking, but not really. It is difficult to mentally settle when I know I still have work to go back to in London. So I'm here, somewhere (Newark Northgate) on the train while I head back down. Perhaps it'll be drier.. York has been hitting the national news with it's flooding.

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