Saturday, 22 September 2012

to change or not to change?

I was watching Glee.
Yes, I was unashamedly enjoying my not-so-guilty pleasure of  Glee watching when something was said by one of the characters (Quinn - for those familiar with this wonderful programme!) in reference to leaving, and the sorts of words people tend to say to one another when they say goodbyes and part ways, not knowing when they will next cross paths.
One of those things people say, and I know myself - if I were to look through my high school year book, friends had written these words. 'Don't ever change'
But as Quinn rightly said: Don't people realize that change can be the best thing to happen to us?
We change, we grow, we evolve into more profound versions of who we were. Finely tuned, more confident  beings. We learn about life and living in this world alone while being surrounded by a human race which we may never fully understand. Collectively and as one, we become who we are. We change. It's inevitable, and I think it should be embraced.

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