Thursday, 13 September 2012

Favourite things #3

Good Yorkshire tea and almond biscotti in my home town with a good friend (who goes by the name of Steff) during my brief visit to York (the land of the North) where the wind is a little chillier and people tend to walk slower, and ironically there are considerably more Asian tourists taking photographs of grey buildings and skies, navigating their way through the city centre with small over-priced pocket maps than there seems to be in London.

This is a city where I actually feel that at times I look/am a little different, and truth be told, I have grown to quite like the things that make me different. Being a slightly taller than average pale red head studying for a degree at University while travelling and modelling and meeting artsy, creative types, not drinking beer and 'bumming' around, and laying in until lunch time.. not to paint a picture of your average stereotypical student. (damn, I hate stereotypes) But I do know a select few students who live this way.. and each to their own.

Perhaps me feeling slightly different to the rest is just a case of 'I think, therefore I am' - who knows? All I know is it is in stark difference to life here; a daily life in which it sometimes feels that I pale in comparison to the majority of London, particularly because when modelling here, one can easily feel like a small insignificant needle in a rather large and prickly haystack of lots of other models, each one taller, thinner, and more eternally beautiful than the next girl in line.

You need something more than this in order to stay sane (although this is arguable in my case)
These simple things make life more enjoyable. September is already flying by.
Let us live, and enjoy.

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