Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A life of importance and day of productivity

Today was filled with 'important things'. 
I became one of 'those' people who quite comfortably makes themselves at home in the quiet corner of Starbucks accompanied with a large coffee and laptop connected to the Starbucks wifi (which yes, is 100% free may I add) glasses proudly on, sending 'important' emails to recipients of importance, and researching 'important' things. A young person trying to become capable of creating and continuing building this life for herself that will empower her to become more. It does one no good to just sit thinking about doing things.. Life doesn't just happen. Time happens, yes, and most of those around us seem to move on as time moves on. They just keep swimming or riding the wave, or rolling on, whichever metaphor suits best.. I would just hate to be left behind. 

It would seem that I haven't been working fashion week and haven't done any of the shows or castings, despite being in town. Of course this feels not great. This is what you pay for being a model and under 5'10 I suppose. But it has to be said; this break has gracefully provided a much needed life line to my skin, hair, and feet, which consequently feel amazing. I am sleeping and eating and feeling a little more on top of life. By 'life', I mean my other life. My two lives do co-exist so much so that I am trying to get a step ahead of the game. Re-enrollment for third year has been done, I have checked my lecture timetable, contacted my work placement who seem more than happy to have me back this year, located and contacted a few 'potential jobs', emailed my lecturers regarding references for these said jobs, considered fine-tuning my dissertation plan, AND even researched post-graduate options. There are so many plans buzzing around in my mind today. It certainly feels productive and positive. Long may this mind-set continue.
Seek good things, and good things shall happen.

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