Thursday, 20 September 2012

Post man

One thing that keeps me going when spending time away from home, familiar faces, and away from friends is good old fashioned mail hand delivered by the post man. Although saying that, even when I am home, good friends are far away. I suppose thats what happens when you travel a lot and study in a University with people from all over the country. You develop good trusting friendships with those around you and then you part separate ways, but it's not quite like the school days when you would catch your bus to the next town each night when school finished and be re-united in the morning. Perhaps your parents would liaise over the phone and arrange weekend sleepovers at your house, or you may 'hang out' after school before going back home. But home was never too far away from your friends. As I've gotten a little older (and wiser, I hope), I have kind of developed a network of friends all over the country. Friends who travel, or friends who stay in the same city for the majority of their time. It is wonderful to know you are never quite alone, whichever part of the country you may be in, but it is also sad, when time comes to say goodbyes and you're not quite sure when you may see each other next. A good friend claims a space in your heart that can never quite be replaced. A space exclusively belonging to them. I am thankful to each person who holds a space in my heart. I know it sounds a little simplistic, but what else can make you feel so cared for than returning home in the evening with tired feet and a tired head to a hand written card from a good friend? I shall forever hold in my heart some of the good friends I have around the country. Thank you, Becca, for putting a smile on my face with your ever so personally thought out choice of cards!
This one is for us, through and through :)

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