Saturday, 27 October 2012

5pm, a moment of light

This is the sight I saw at 5pm today. The clocks go back an hour this evening; a sure sign that it is most definitely the season of Autumn/Winter. Darkness falls earlier each evening, the trees look ever so beautiful with their warm tones of oranges and reds, the woolen clothing makes it's way to the front of our wardrobes, boots and scarves are at the forefront of fashion, chunky knits are a seasonal must-have, and our personal winter comforts suddenly feel appealing. 

So, 5pm on the last Saturday of October in the city of York. The city is busy, shoppers are almost finished for the day, yet the streets are still filled with people and noise and overwhelming crowds. I too, contribute to the crowds of the bustling and somewhat lively streets of York and I notice the warmth in the colours that surround me, I notice the cold temperature, and I remember the snow that filled the sky last night. Then I look up. This is what I saw..

I can't have been the only person to acknowledge the beauty of the light, yet I was the only one to stop and breathe it in. Every so often when I see a moment like this, I cannot just walk by. I am compelled to stop, to look, and to think. Some name this as 'mindfulness'.. Others call it observant, others may think that one simply has too much time to spare. I don't particularly label myself as any of the above, I just think that certain moments shouldn't be dismissed or ignored. What is the point in being alive in this world if we don't appreciate our surroundings? If we don't recognize the beautiful and the good. It has been said time and time again that the world is filled with beauty. There's a famous Anne Frank quote:
'Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.'
With words as simple as those.. Of course, nothing can erase the pain, but there is one hell of a beautiful world out there too, if we open our eyes.

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