Friday, 26 October 2012

On the attributes of goodness

While I was in London last week, I spent a day shooting bridal dresses in the most beautiful of hotels in Notting Hill named Beach Blanket Babylon. I adore finding new places like this. Buildings with each room filled with the most stunning and individual pieces, where even the trip to the bathroom is fascinating! This is one of the aspects of my job which I embrace and will always appreciate; the places I am able to visit and people these experiences are shared with.
It was most definitely a day where I felt undoubtedly thankful I am able to work in the industry I work in. When you are booked on a job as a model, it makes the world of a difference when your client is nice. In fact, when the entire team make the atmosphere a positive one to work in, the day flies by and there are happy faces when the day ends.  
As I always say, anyone can be skilled or talented. We can learn and develop skills, we can inherit great goods which come with great responsibility, or perhaps we just are fortunate enough to inherit great genes and a stroke of luck or genius. But not everyone remains respectful and organic with their personal and moral values. I often wonder why this is? What makes some lose faith in the one unspoken humanly great attribute which to me, allows some the pedestal to stand head and shoulders above the rest?  I greatly value the 'good' in others. I think that 'at the top' (a phrase you can interpret as you wish), it is all too easy to lose sight of the importance of authentic graciousness and humbleness. It is ironic, however, that at these times, these deep-rooted traits are more valued than ever before. 

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