Thursday, 18 October 2012

Polaroids, friends, the joys of life

It was Saturday morning when Jamie, myself, and Zana met for a (rather delicious) morning coffee before shooting. We had a caffeinated pre-shoot relax before heading to the studio to meet Katie (another beautiful friend of mine in this mad world of modelling), and Emma Cairns with her jewellery collection that we were shooting. It was a good day.. It always is with Jamie shooting. He has a contagious happiness and enthusiasm that can easily be shared with all around.
The job was extra special because working with two wonderful friends is a cherished rarity. Sometimes it feels as though real friends are few and far between, particularly when working and living a life of constant inconsistency. Katie and Zan are amongst those I adore.. Zan and I may as well share the same heart and mind which means that we are lucky enough to have a mutual understanding. Myself and Katie - we have shared some life changing experiences. The first time I visited one of my favourite cities in the world (Paris) was with this girl. I am smiling while remembering :)
Sometimes we must just take the moment and the day for precisely what it is, and enjoy. What do we have, if we cannot allow ourselves the moment we're living in? The joys of life are the very things that make life worthwhile.
Here are a few Polaroids Jamie took. I'm really looking forward to shooting more.

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