Saturday, 13 October 2012

Frankie and Durham

Yesterday I finally had an afternoon off which coincided rather nicely with my beautiful sister's afternoon off also. Franks has just moved up to the University of Durham Law school after bagging straight A* A Level grades. Needless to say, I am an incredibly proud big sister. I hopped on the train up to Durham, which is a handy 45 min straight journey, where I was met at the station with a huge hug, I gave Frankie her bag of goodies, which included fruit tea, cupcake, and cookies and we walked back to Frank's new home at University. She is staying in the castle so as the imagine may suggest if you haven't been, it's pretty beautiful and has a rather 'Hogwarts-esque' feel to it, with all the students eating meals together in the hall, and sharing their rooms with another student, and being somewhat well catered for.
We went for lunch, did a spot of shopping, drank some coffee, had lots of chats, and before we knew it, time was up and we both had an evening of plans to get back to.
I really enjoyed yesterday. I am lucky I have a sister that I enjoy spending time with :)

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