Monday, 29 October 2012

The sister and I

When it's your only day off for the entire week ahead and your beloved sister is on her half term school holidays, what does one choose to do? Invite the sister over, and spend the day baking gingerbread, catching up on friends and family and life, and drinking mulled wine. When Brys was much younger, we used to call her Bryony bright-eyes due to her natural ability to bring brightness with her and share it with those around. Without even needing to consciously try, this girl is the definition of sunshine, happiness, peace, and love.
So, of course I wouldn't have wanted this afternoon any other way. Here are the products of our Halloween themed home made gingerbread cookies, and a few snaps we took along the way.

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  1. very lovely sisters..they are so sweet and loving..they share the same thing and they spend quality time together..

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