Wednesday, 31 October 2012

To be a snowflake

'A useful analogy here might be that of 'the snowflake'. Each snowflake, it would appear, is entirely unique. No one snowflake's shape or appearance is exactly the same as any other. At the same time, however, all snowflakes come into being through the same specific set of programmed structural invariants  Each unique snowflake is also a universal snowflake in that it contains and exhibits all the necessary invariants required in order 'to be' a snowflake.'

Spinelli, E 'The Philosophical Foundations of Existential Psychotherapy'

The above is just an extract from my reading on existentialism and the topic of discussion for my lecture this afternoon. The essence is, that we are born alone, we die alone, and our existence is an incredibly lonely place to endure. But as individual human beings, we do not 'have' a meaning. Life as it presents itself is not inherently meaningful, but through experiencing the very act of being, and exercising the freedom of choice we create our own meaning.. This freedom of choice is the empowering principle. There are, of course many deeper layers to the idea, but this is a little snippet of my day. In the form of some lovely words about a snowflake, and about being human alone, but together in aloneness. Some find this a deeply depressing thought, but I just find it fascinating and intriguing, and almost comforting in a very strange sort of way.

There is much more that I want to write tonight but seeing that it's 12.30am and I have an alarm set for 7.30, I think bedtime is appropriate. My mum bought me an electric blanket for my bed, which I must say is absolutely appreciated by my cosy warm self right now. Although it is cold and dark and rainy outdoors, and pretty grim to say the least, I am warm in the comfort of my bedroom (which after a month of me living here, is finally becoming 'my' bedroom), and it is just lovely. My brain is still in overdrive from today.. Lectures and two tutorials - one with the clinical psychology lecturer about post graduate study (which was very positive!), and the other with my dissertation supervisor (I have more direction now - good news!). This, combined with lectures, and trying to co-ordinate them with my work and travel plans for the next few days has left me frazzled. So, bon-nuit it is, and hopefully a good day tomorrow is ahead. I have a 9am lecture, a coffee date with a good friend, and then travelling to Edinburgh for a shoot in the land of the Scots.

Embracing the full diary, the existential philosophy, and the good people I am surrounded by.

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