Wednesday, 9 January 2013

a single view

This afternoon when I arrived back home I took our Christmas tree down and packed it away in its box ready for where ever I may be living next year. I removed the Christmas cards from my bedroom wall and decided that the appropriate time had come to finally say farewell to the holiday season. Reality has undoubtedly found me once more. However, reality has found me not with a loud crash and bang; more a kind and gentle nudge as I slowly work my way through my January assignments and I start booking some shoots for this month.
Below is my picture of the day: The views of a train traveller. Do we ever tire of the same view? I don't think I will.. A single view is never exactly the same. And even if it were, what we see is often a reflection of our own thoughts and feelings. our view is largely a perceived personal interpretation rather than a definitive view of the universal truth.
There is a quality I like about the authenticity, the  loneliness, and the misty skies of this photograph.

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