Tuesday, 15 January 2013

madness, beauty, and the unexpected surprises

Before even more days happen and there is even more to write about, I decided a small update detailing a few days in the life of a red headed Northern girl such as myself was due. After the shoot on Friday I spent a couple of hours when I got home working on some Uni assignments, finally submitting the last of my Psychology of Creativity papers (thank goodness!). The weekend was committed to doing some more Uni work, celebrating my sister's 19th birthday, giving gifts, enjoying the company of family and friends, and watching the much eagerly awaited film of Les Miserables. By the way, this was a beautifully portrayed story which requires a separate post for its review (very shortly!).

I then went back to London for a hair job, survived (and embraced) the snow and returned sporting the mane of a lion on my head. Well, not quite a lion, but after having the talented stylist Leah Walton work her magic on my ginger hair, I'd brushed it all out and it was rather Afro-esque. On reflection, perhaps this is why the two Asian girls in my carriage on the return journey didn't stop staring at me, even when I tried to play them at their own game and stare them out; they were like a child who hasn't yet developed their theory of mind. I stared back but they still did not break eye contact. Needless to say, I subtly moved myself and my belongings to the next carriage to enjoy my tea and tofu and avocado sushi in peace.

So, it seems I have well and truly hit the ground running back to the life of madness and beauty and the unexpected surprises. I have almost certainly been confirmed for a job in Marrakesh next week after Anna's birthday celebrations, both of which are certainly sustaining my essaying motivation. A positive mindset does indeed produce positive things. I must bear this in mind as I begin  my MA applications. I have begun this process, and while retrieving my A Level and GCSE certificates from home, it not only allowed a certain nostalgia to settle, but it once more dawned on me the realization that the life we have really is the life you create. There is a quote I think of often, that reminds us to build our life as beautiful as we want it to be. These are quite simple but profound words to live by. If we don't like something, change it.. If we need something, ask for it. If we appreciate something, say it. And if we are curious.. then ask.

So my MA applications are underway, my final assignment for January of which I am half way to completing is due on Friday. And yesterday I was granted ethical approval for my dissertation while receiving a fairly solid First for my research proposal. Never before have I had such an emotional response to a single grade, (while on the train may I add..) but I suppose with the dissertation being somewhat significant, I just felt blown away knowing that not only had I planned a dissertation that is do-able and meaningful, but it's verified and approved of as a pretty damn good plan by the head of the module. If ever I needed to achieve my full potential, it is now. Let these positive vibes continue..

I must share one more thought before I conclude and disappear for the evening to listen to James Vincent McMorrow and write this final essay, possibly accompanied with a glass of disaronno or two. I updated a status last week with words I think are always important to remember. They don't require any action or regret, the reminder just helps us be.

Remembering people who impacted your life is a mutual thing: They don't forget you either.

So often we invite people into our lives unintentionally, (or intentionally) and they end up impacting our life in such a way that it is difficult to imagine it any other way. Maybe it's not realized at the time.. Maybe it's not realized until five years later, or perhaps for some instances it takes a lifetime to truly see the impact others have had upon ourselves. But on a smaller scale, someone said this to me a year or so ago and it really struck a chord. It seems it still hits home now. On one level it surprises me, but on the other hand, if one person stays in your memory so truthfully, why would you not remain in theirs? Just a thought.

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