Tuesday, 8 January 2013

the motto of 2013

This evening one of my very best friends, Victoria Moor (Moor to you and I) and myself had a wonderful evening in at my house. We were not able to spend New Years together, so we decided to recreate our very own New Years celebration a week later, because why not? We incorporated moments of peace and zen while burning my ever so beautiful incense sticks I received as part of a gift from the wonderful Irish soul Aisling. We enjoyed tea, disaronno, (on my part..) Betty's chocolate treats, and sushi. Oh, and of course the writing of our 2013 resolutions-aka-motto for the year. We chatted about many many things.. Many, many things. An actress and a model together for the evening shall have some rather unconventional but thrilling life discussions.

See below my 2013 plans and a few pictures..

2. Focus on the positives: the rest will follow
3. Start my Masters
4. Continue writing
5. A smile a day...
6. Remember the value in always expressing appreciation
7. Save money!
8. Keep my creativity
9. Continue blogging
10. Make good use of my passport
11. Discover my party piece!

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