Wednesday, 2 January 2013

To walk and write the day away

The first day of the year has looked a little something like this:
I was nicely woken up at approximately 11am by one of my very best friends who had stayed the night. Yes, this is an extreme lie in for me, but must note I did not go to sleep until around 7am, after an excellent New Years Eve simply drinking Disaronno and watching fireworks at York Minster. We did go to bed earlier than 7am but I just laid awake for a few hours contemplating life, the universe and everything, until my body ultimately decided sleep was the answer. In the morning, we drank coffee while watching silly TV until we had to leave. Mark took his train home and I took a long walk through York, just walking and walking until my feet took me back home. Then I made a bath full of bubbles, and spent the rest of the day/evening happily writing.
From the moment I woke, to the moment I sleep, today has been filled with nothing but the simple and the good. Not many days can we sleep until 11am, drink coffee with a friend while laughing at old TV shows with PJ's on and the Christmas tree lights making things that little bit more cosy, then walk and write the day away.

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  1. I have done exactly the same thing today - what better way to kick the new year off than indulging in a little bit of much needed 'me' time :)