Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Models in Marrakech

The ginger hair is now a little more ginger, a few more freckles have come out, my suitcase is still unpacked, I am probably a good couple of kg's heavier, but my heart is truly happy. We hit Marrakech, Morocco for a long weekend for a job with L'oreal. The job required us to have our hair coloured, do one show, and about a 15 minute rehearsal the night we arrived. The remaining time we were able to enjoy the sun, the hotel, the sights of Marrakech, food wine and cocktails, and each other's company. 

This is by far one of the best trips I've ever been on for a job. The other models are amazing girls. So often people perceive models to be from a different planet almost; a distant intangible world. It certainly feels we can be looked upon that way at times. We're not; we eat and drink and laugh and cry, we get tired, we feel insecure in a bikini after eating lunch, and we worry we may not ever measure up. But we also appreciate the good. These girls were amazing to spend time with.. We experienced the Souk together, purchased Moroccan slippers, and were briefly immersed in a slice of Moroccan market culture. The madness of an alternate parallel world in beautiful North Africa.. Monkeys, snake charmers, goats, camels, donkeys, sights that England can never provide. Market sellers and children probably as young as four or five willing to sell anything and everything for any kind of currency you may be carrying. Dressed up monkeys trained and tied up in chains. Donkeys and buggys as a means of transport, shepherds herding their sheep in the sunsets. The sunsets! The colours and warmth and the fact that you can watch the sun setting and never tire of how beautiful it looks.

Not to mention the partys and dinners and drinking the hairdressers of our profession seem to live for. These people party like no other. And with an entire L'oreal team, you can only imagine how this was!

Next job - back to reality for a shoot in Manchester today!

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