Thursday, 17 January 2013

a spectacular snowfall

Before I conclude for the evening and rest my head to sleep, I wanted to share these pictures I took yesterday. Evidently, it has been snowing. And if, unlike the vast majority of the Twitter and Facebook population, you actually find some beauty in the snow; then you are not alone. OK, I'm not the biggest fan of cold feet and delayed public transport and chaotic roads, but if we actually pay attention to how the scenery is transformed with one simple change.. It's pretty spectacular. This will resonate on different levels and meanings for different people, but our view of our surroundings is changed even for just one day whether we like it or not. So why not just embrace it? I had to drop off and collect a few things at Uni, so of course I took some obligatory pictures en route. These pictures remind me of the many things I love about coming home. 'Home' is a place that has a sense of belonging; that is inviting and welcoming, even if no one is there but you. This is home. Arguably one 'home' of many, but nevertheless; it's home.

I have been simultaneously battling sickness and an essay today, attempting to academically discuss Gestalt theoretical concepts while writing about man's innate search for goodness and balance and the influences of Zen and Buddhism. My head is far too full of too many words that I doubt will ever make it into this essay. So for now, here are pictures to remind us of the simple and the beautiful.

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