Saturday, 16 February 2013

A story of work, play, snow and rain

It was the day before yesterday and I was booked on a job that required me to model dressing gowns... yes. Not the most thrilling, but certainly wearing slippers and dressing gowns all day was a novelty, and a gladly welcomed novelty at that. Guy Farrow is an easy photographer to work with, so we had an even more relaxed atmosphere on set with no mad rush to get through as many looks as possible.

I did have a relatively traumatic experience on my way to the studio when my taxi driver finally confessed that he was indeed lost, and he proceeded to blame me for the fact that he was lost. AND then charged me an extortionate taxi fare for his own wrong-doing. But hey - we are all human, and so on. So after a mild break-down in the back of the taxi, I spoke to the agency and the photographer and got in a mini state because I was late and it was all beyond my control...

After this ordeal the day significantly improved. I realize that the days I love my job are the days when the people make it that way. And the days I feel so negatively about it are the days I feel some kind of negative vibes surrounding the people I'm working with. This speaks very loudly about the things I value and find meaning in. People... People, people, people continue to form this world as we know it. We provide layers and structure and meaning to an otherwise very monotonous and relatively insignificant world that would remain a constant stream of constants. We help keep the world connected. We are all small beings. Small, but very important beings who are all part of a much bigger picture than we could ever envision. It's a magical concept.

It had been snowing all afternoon and consequently the city was in chaos. So much so that I decided to get out of the taxi after an hour in stand still traffic on the way back from the studio. It was of course snowy and cold and rather unpleasant but it didn't matter because I was meeting Jamie and we went for dinner with Rosie ('Rosie make up' as Jamie calls this lovely, lovely lady) and Simon (her husband). It was lovely. These are some of the above mentioned people who play a role in painting the bigger picture of the world a more beautiful and detailed one.

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