Sunday, 24 February 2013

Bodies and hearts

'Sharing stories and learning about people is the most fascinating and intriguing thing. It always reminds me of humanity and the realness of people. We are not just bodies with beating hearts, we have so much depth'

I hope Sam won't mind me sharing a little extract of our extensive conversation this evening. It is just past midnight and I have a real coffee craving but of course there is no hope of sleeping if I make myself the vanilla soy coffee I'm craving, so instead, I am listening to acoustic Ben Howard and doing a little writing and reading and hoping that at some point in the not too distant future my brain will decide it's far enough in the evening hours to permit sleeping. 

Sam and I have been exchanging messages most of tonight, just talking, and it's nice to have company even though this lovely friend is not actually here. I'm sure if she was, we'd be indulging in cocktails or wine doing what ladies do on a Saturday evening. 

Our conversation has reminded me of the things I value. The ability to share stories and learn about someone, and ourselves, in an open and real way is really what keeps life alive. What are we without our depth? We would be just bodies.

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