Monday, 11 February 2013

Time in York

It seems that lately so much time has been spent away from home. I've barely seen my housemate, I'm in the third week of Uni and only just organizing my files, I don't spend so much time in Uni and I miss my friends there so much that I am praying for time to slow down just a little so I don't have to rush off as soon as class is over. And I am currently attempting to arrange a good time for a simple coffee with my good friends in Harrogate and there really seems to be a struggle to find time. We at least have a birthday celebration next week to enjoy.

So, as I am scarcely spending good time at home these days, I thought I would share a few pictures of the simple sights of York as I passed by town today. I shall not will time to slow down; I really don't think anything I do can control such an elusive and intangible thing as time. But I shall continue trying to adapt and fully make use of the hours we do have. We have no more and no less. Isn't this what we are put on this planet to do?

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