Monday, 8 April 2013

21 hours

21 hours - that is how many hours I have spent working on my dissertation in the past two days. I've finally put it aside and decided to focus on my Clinical Psychology assignment for now. I knew third year would require an abundance of hard work and commitment - my friends had all warned me of what was to come, but I approached this year with such focus that I actually almost had myself believing that it wouldn't be so bad. And it's not so bad; it's all relative. I guess I just couldn't prepare myself for the sheer amount of time this requires. Perhaps no matter how much time I dedicate to doing a good enough job, it will never be deemed sufficient enough in my eyes. Damn being a perfectionist with a terribly accomplished self-critical eye. It's not just a dissertation, it's exam revision and other assignments, coupled with a job to keep up, volunteering work to do, and attempts to secure more jobs and placements for next year. It's absolute madness. But I guess it wouldn't be a familiar style of life for me if madness wasn't a key element to living.

21 hours though... 21. That is a lot, even by my standards. I've met my targets and I'm now ready to begin the rest of the week. This week shall be job interviews, more work, actual modelling work, securing my next volunteering/work position, my brother's birthday, and many more surprises this wonderful thing we call life tends to keep throwing my way. As demonstrated, balance seems to find it's way into life without too much of a conscious effort to make it that way. I had a great weekend; a really great weekend, and I've had a wonderful evening tonight with Tasha drinking wine and cocktails after a trip to Betty's for scones and tea. Time is ever of the essence, so I really 'shouldn't' be taking too much leisurely time out. However, in order to be truly efficient with the time I do dedicate to work, I must dedicate time for all aspects of life and appreciate the people who bring me balance and happiness.

11.25pm - time to catch up on emails, plan a mini road trip, and catch some much deserved beauty sleep.

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