Monday, 15 April 2013

The in-between outdoors

Today has been a day of the outdoors, kind of. That sounds much more idealistic than the actual reality!
I don't have a car (yet...) so I currently rely on the transportation of my trusty feet and Google maps and public transport of various forms. This essentially means that I am lucky; I exercise each day whether I like it or not. I probably have a relatively healthy heart and legs. It also means that I get to see the great outdoors first-hand, not from behind the driving wheel and I avoid the inner city rush hour traffic and the daily commuter traffic. Not to mention the parking tickets and road closures and slow moving vehicles. Although at this point I'd like to acknowledge that I do intend on purchasing a car again in the very near future.

Back to today; I went to the school I mentor at, which meant walking and taking the bus, and then I went to a meeting on the other side of town regarding some potentially exciting new work. I love meeting new people, especially those who inject a little potential and excitement into what others often experience to be a very dull existence. A lot of my in-between time today was spent outdoors, wearing my dress, tights, boots, and a denim jacket. No coat and scarf, no chunky-knit sweater. No layers... it may just be Spring. The sunshine was warm and I genuinely felt the warmth. It does make a difference.

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