Thursday, 18 April 2013

Portraits and parties

Free flowing drinks, wonderful entertainment, good friends, beautiful venue...
Lots of models, model bookers, clients, and creatives celebrated the launch of the agency's new book which features the work of all the Boss creatives. It is a beautiful book filled with some beautiful collaborations. I worked with a really wonderful little team a few months ago for the set of 'Portrait' images that are now in the said 'Book'.

I was actually a little hesitant about going to the party - life has been so hectic lately, but staying true to my personal values and my 'yes man' commitment, I ran straight from dissertation supervision at Uni over to the train station and across to Manchester on the train with Zana. I am so pleased I did. I know my life tends to sometimes unfold miraculously in two (and sometimes more) simultaneous co-existing paths, but I've worked hard at making them fit together and I am pleased they do. I have created my 'balance'. There are so many people from all aspects of my life that I adore... It's good to embrace it all.

To say I feel refreshed today would be perhaps a little over-ambitious. I had a 9am lecture followed by more train journeys and castings after what must have been less than three hours sleep and I-don't-know-how-many glasses of prosecco.
Here are our 'Portrait' shots from the Book, with myself, Graeme Cooper and Rebecca Cawthra.

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