Monday, 1 April 2013

Spring forward

Monday is coming to an end - almost. It's late afternoon and I'm sat at the dining table back in my house in York contemplating life, analysing my dissertation data, and listening to a beautiful combination of James Vincent McMorrow, David Gray, and Newton Faulkner. Honestly, this music is beautiful. My housemate is still away in Turkey so it is absolutely acceptable for me to quite happily sing aloud to no one but myself. Any one of my friends who study with me at University in our little room will know and recognize a playlist created by myself.

I have given myself a deadline for the draft of my dissertation to be completed, and I must write some other essays and begin exam revision. Oh, third year joys. It's OK though. I must keep reminding myself that it WILL most definitely all get done because it has to be.

This weekend has been really family oriented. I have spent a lot of time with my younger sister and she has spent a lot of time making me laugh so much and reminding me what it means to be completely unbounded and to be able to love and laugh at the things we must laugh at. I am also spending time with my Mother's partner's family and learning a little more about them too. It's nice to do this - not living with my family and living ridiculously independently sometimes, it's nice to remind myself that I'm still a part of something even if slightly distant for most of the time.

I run the risk of spending so much of life living in a black and white world, particularly around this time. Imminent and unavoidable change is quite literally just around the corner. I have my sister (as evidenced in these pictures!) to quite wonderfully keep my feet on the ground and my mind out of black and white territory.

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