Saturday, 27 April 2013


Yesterday was the best birthday my life has given me so far. It was because I hadn't stressed, I hadn't planned a lot, I was not afraid of turning a year older, in fact, I am excited and shall embrace all that being 24 has to offer. And regardless of everything else, I trust in people. I trust in going with things, more so than I have ever known how to do. I haven't ever really known such a concept existed until the past year or so. But I think sometimes, that putting up a fiercely defiant fight uses up more energy than it would if we could just let things be. Last year I didn't tell any one of my friends that it was my birthday approaching and I removed my birthday from Facebook. Truth be told, I don't quite remember what I did, and then I realized that being on the other side of the fence in that situation is not a nice feeling at all. Being a sister or a best friend of a person who doesn't want to celebrate the day they were born...? It's sad to see someone you love unable to reciprocate that love toward themselves. There is an amazing kind of love that we hold for family and friends - the ones we trust, we have a certain kind of immeasurable love for. At least that's how it feels for me anyway. So I decided to go with it this year. I let things be.

So despite being in the midst of what I refer to as this 'third year nightmare', the end is approaching far too soon. Just far too soon, and deadlines and exams are approaching along with 'the end'. Jobs and jobs and jobs, everything associated with leaving student life but reaching that heartbreaking realization which is inevitable for the ending of most good things in life. We didn't even know what we'd immersed ourselves in until the end was in sight, and having the end in sight means that it very almost IS the end. It's that age old concept of not truly appreciating all that something is until you're at the end. The universe shall continue to work in strange and compelling ways to throw more and more things our way which of course, we will fight and resist and never truly embrace until we've fully understood and then it'll be the end. I think these are sometimes some of the hardest lessons to learn. 

Back to my birthday... It was wonderful. I had two (and a half) days to spend with the people who chose to spend it with me. We had lunches, dinners, wine, cocktails, late nights, close friends, all my family, gifts, flowers, cards... I really am ridiculously reflective and grateful tonight.When I feel this way I am always hit with a strong urge to write about how beautiful and good the world is and how I am surrounded by the most incredible people... But I shall refrain from such sentimentally driven writing. There's a time and place! But equally, it is so important that we tell those who matter that they are valued and that they are not taken for granted.

I am so hopeful and have faith that this year shall be a year of goodness...

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