Monday, 8 July 2013

an extraordinary wave of heat or a summers day?

I am currently sat in my garden making good use of our new garden furniture.. Bench, table and chairs. I had a moment of realization on Sunday morning whilst I was waiting for this furniture to be delivered. I realized that recently my 'newly acquired items' include garden furniture, a car, car insurance, food, a sat nav, gym membership, and another month's rent and bills. Now I know I'm a 'young professional' and a graduate and such, but these things seem awfully serious. However, saying this, at this very moment in time, I am thoroughly enjoying being able to comfortably sit in our garden, and Archibald (car) is most definitely doing a wonderful job and making traveling for work a much less stressful endevour.

So, the activities of the weekend. I didn't go to the gym as much as I'd have liked. I shall kick away the guilt before it even surfaces it's ugly head. Firstly because I would never like to be the woman who prioritizes her gym regime over her social life, her friends, or her boyfriend. And secondly because it has been (and shall continue to be, for the duration of this week) absolutely and beautifully warm and sunny. How pitiful that we have reached a point here in England that the universe provides warmth and sunshine in July (weather we might typically assign to summertime) and yet we now refer to it as a 'heatwave'. Why must it be a heatwave when sunshine and blue skies are the embodiment of our summer months. Of course, this is England, and yes we are unfortunate with regards to the weather, but has it become so much so that we refer to a typical summers day as an extraordinary wave of heat...

Being a true Brit and appreciating not a summers day, but a so called extraordinary wave of heat, I did enjoy this warmth. I gained some extra freckles on my arms and face and knees, and I experienced that late summers evening glow. You know that feeling of bliss. Of warmth, tiredness, present moment contentment, satisfaction. That feeling of knowing your to-do list is still in the diary in your handbag, or sat on your desk at work or home.. Yet although the to-do list is not being attended to, and although it must be attended to at some point, this is not the focus of the mind. That end of a long summers day feeling is knowing that the only thing that matters right now, is exactly that: right now. If ever there was a time to think of the present moment and live in the here and now, it is evenings like this. Evenings that seem to be eternal and yet the sun sets and it's Monday morning before we were ever ready for it to be so.  We spent Sunday evening at an outdoors cinema watching Les Miserables. Sunset, friends, outdoors, and Les Mis... This is the recipe for such a beautiful evening.

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