Saturday, 6 July 2013

Friday news: Archibald and a First Class degree

It is currently 2.45am and as much as I am in disbelief about it being Friday already, we have indeed reached the end of another week, and there's no time like the present to write a new blog post. This is one of the less favourable consequences of running from place to place like a mad woman throughout the day - sleep doesn't just happen; the brain must catch up with the body in order to fully relax. Anyway, today, like most other days taught me a few lessons. Firstly, I spent a considerably long time sat in traffic. The sun was shining and I either wished to be outdoors enjoying the sun or doing something productive and worthwhile at the gym as opposed to sat in my car just waiting in a never ending queue of traffic. This queue of traffic very effectively allowed me to practice my patience to great lengths. Secondly, I was reminded of just how much my boyfriend knows me. He returned from Scotland with gifts of a scarf, green tea, and macaroons... gracefully received. Thirdly, I was reminded never to go to Tesco's immediately after a two hour work out at the gym on a ridiculously hot day without at least getting changed/showering beforehand! You will most likely come across someone you know. And the hot and sweaty/tired/no makeup look whilst supermarket shopping really doesn't work wonders.

In yesterday's news, I received confirmation of my degree classification. I now have a First Class Honours degree in Counselling and Psychology. Needless to say, I am overjoyed in every sense of the word. For once I don't need to wish that I could/should have done better. There's no room for ridiculously negative self-critical inner-dialogue; I couldn't have received any higher. I did my best and my best really has measured up. I have updated my CV with pride and shared the news. I did notice where my thoughts went not too long after being shocked that I couldn't have wished to better myself. They went to my post grad studies. I decided that having received an 80 for my dissertation, if nothing else inspires me by the time I write my Masters dissertation, I shall really, really enjoy continuing my undergrad research to Masters level. The standard of academic writing has also been readjusted to a higher level.. Perfectionism at it's greatest here!

I also purchased a new (old) car yesterday morning. I have named him Archibald (Archie for short) and although this means I have more financial commitment at the most financially crucial time; a lot of pressure mounting up and post graduate tuition fees to self fund, I concluded that the benefits far outweigh the costs. Purchasing a car, securing a second job, and re-beginning a fitness/yoga regime were all main features of my Summer plan - part of creating change. One month into Summer and all three have been successful. I do have a couple of other smaller new projects on the go, and I am leaving the mentoring work I do with young people. A difficult decision to make, but one which I am certain is the right one.

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  1. So pleased for you Tan, you truly deserved to succeed. Well done! xx