Saturday, 13 July 2013

to slow down, speed up, live, and run..

Friday evening has been reached once more. Here we are and yet again I am left curious as to where on earth the hours and days of this week have gone. Clearly they've disappeared right before my eyes but not because they've been wished away; I've been living... And to live with the knowledge that time is vastly passing one by quicker than ever before is both frightening and awakening at the same time. It is a reminder to both speed up and slow down. Curious. And even more-so to be aware that somewhere not too far away, there are people on the opposite end of the scale. A person who wishes time away in a place where each hour seems an eternity. Two people experiencing the same quantifiable space in an entirely different way. And not necessarily two people - perhaps even one person at different stages of life. I have certainly experienced those parts of life where wishing time away by counting down the hours and the days and making lists is the only way to gain a sense of meaning and productivity. The meaning is not a healthy meaning at all, but it is a meaning nonetheless.

So as I oddly remind myself to both speed up and slow down and live in the process, I attempt to figure out if this is even humanly possible. If one was to ever work this puzzle out and conclude, would it be known as 'balance?... This week has been filled with various happenings. Child and youth studies conference, work, more work, glorious sunshine, my first placement interview, and attempting to begin my new project, which I anticipate will take quite some dedicated practicing (the new 'skill' shall be revealed to my friends at New Years... hence the mystery). I have also been making time for people; catching up with those important to me, contacting family, and saying goodbye to a very wonderful and influential tutor.

I got some jobs done this morning and then made the most of my day off by spending the afternoon and evening with my sister - going on a road trip, picnic-ing, doing what sisters do. It's been a really relaxed afternoon. Of course the guilt kicked in and I decided I must go running this evening as it was too late and the gym was closing, but it turns out this was a really great call. I had the best and most enjoyable run yet. It was quite late evening and the cool breeze was perfect. I absolutely notice the difference in my body strength and stamina. To say a month ago I struggled to run 2.5 miles, yet tonight I ran 5 miles, thoroughly enjoyed each minute, and could have run more if the sun hadn't completely gone down! I may see no physical results - I see myself no thinner and no leaner, but something internal must be working based on this vast improvement.

Below are a few snaps from this afternoon with my dear sister. Plenty of sunshine, iced coffee, and love.

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