Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Another Monday, another week

Another Monday, another week. This week has been suitably kick started with my second placement interview, this time in Leeds - lord only knows how it went. I spent the morning frantically attempting to locate and retrieve all the relevant documents I needed for my CRB (now known as DBS) checks and proof of eligibility to work in the UK and proof of my degree classification and any other relevant qualifications. Somewhere along the line during my walk to the bank, I found myself spontaneously walking into the Gap sale and even more spontaneously, being unable to resist my impromptu urge to purchase myself a pair of new jeans. Yes, jeans; the dark blue variety, skinny fit, high rise. I wonder if tomorrow I might even brave wearing them.

My diary this week looks fit to burst. Really, there isn't room to squeeze any more in even if I tried - and try, I have. I constantly find myself wondering how life would be if we had ten day weeks rather than seven day weeks. But alas, some things we simply cannot change - not with all the positivity and will in the world. So here marks the beginning of another week (a seven day week!) and it is astonishing the power a full diary has over my mentality.

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