Monday, 9 September 2013

A lengthy introduction to September

Nine days. It's been nine whole days since I last posted, which I think might be one of the longest breaks from my blog I've ever taken. I'm not sure if that's an accomplishment or something to be a little worried about! I'll go with the accomplished feeling. When in doubt, always go for the positive. After all, you'd hope one might be able to live one's life quite happily fulfilled without rather frequently and incessantly updating a small corner of the world wide web. Sometimes too frequently, one might argue. However, nine whole days it's been and we are now well and truly in the flow of September. Not only is it September, but it feels like Autumn now. There's that autumnal quality in the air and in the surroundings.

I'm not quite ready to say good bye to summer yet, but I think that's the theme of my life. I'm not quite ready yet but I'll go with it anyway. I'll go with the progressively early darkness and the cold air in the morning. I'll go with the cups of tea and soy chai lattes with my home made apple and date loaf. I'll go with wearing my boots and the foreseeable future only getting darker and colder. And I'll go with it all being OK, because life is more enjoyable when things are OK. Even if that means it being almost midnight on a Monday evening and already my brain is dysfunctional and all I hear apart from the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard is the adamant rain outside my window.

All the recent change... You'd expect me to be well adjusted by now. Very rarely ready to say good bye, but life moves on regardless of whether we're ready or not. Time moves on, the clock ticks, day turns to night, Christmases and birthdays all flow smoothly and predictably one after the other. And no matter how unprepared and inexperienced we might feel, life really doesn't seem to be kind enough to wait. I guess one can turn it around and be thankful that if all else fails, at least time/life will be constant in its movement. At least when nothing seems like its progressing or moving forward and we feel that old, awful feeling of stuckness, at least we know that time is moving. Nothing shall last forever. Well, nothing apart from time... I don't think time will ever stop; even when everything else in the world is gone and forgotten, won't time still keep ticking away. Time is the only eternal thing we know and yet we somehow always feel like we're running out. It's both a blessing and the enemy.

So I digress once more. One of my favourite paths of thought; time and life and change. That line of thought shall always distract my brain, particularly at 11.50pm when I believe my brain is markedly prone to internal distractions. I've left this update too long for me to simply update. So instead, I shall just state that September is a busy month. I start my Masters in a week, I have completed training for my new job, and I have also started writing for a local magazine... Another new project, which I really adore.

Today alone, I met with my course tutor after spending the morning completing my induction for the new placement. So today has been very focused on this next leap of faith. I'm all ready to begin client work as soon as I meet with my supervisor and we confirm that we are happy to work together. I am both nervous and filled with enthusiasm in equal measures. Every therapist or counsellor I know says that you don't ever forget your first client - and from this placement, I will experience this. I will experience again the great unknown - the privilege of getting to know individuals and being part of a bigger journey. But also the challenges and demands that are all part and parcel of working alongside another human being. Human beings are not simple creatures. We are creatures of mystery. But I guess this is part of the pull - the pull that contributes to both my nerves and my enthusiasm.

Welcome to September...

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