Sunday, 22 September 2013

The biggest influences...

It has to be said that sometimes my severe lack of sleep can be due to a not-so-guilty Grey's Anatomy watching session. It's well known for me to watch two or three episodes on a Sunday morning, and that's exactly how I spent this morning. I'm not even a television watching type person (I'm really not!). But due to my ongoing appreciation of Grey's Anatomy related happenings, I'm going to share something that the chief said in an episode I recently watched...

'The biggest influences in your life are sitting around you right now.'

Just something to keep in mind - not to overlook the people we spend our days with. The people we choose to surround ourselves with are the biggest influences we have available. They are who we learn from.. They are the most real influences we know, and the greatest source of knowledge both about others and about ourselves. These are the lessons we don't find in library books or internet pages. These are the influences and lessons that only people can help with. People help people.

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