Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A lesson a day?

Why is it that most days seem to teach us a lesson whether we like it/recognise it or not...?

One might quite justifiably assume that we'd be well adapted creatures of wisdom and knowledge by now.
However, reality suggests an entirely different scenario. Sometimes the only way to reassure ourselves when things go tits up and all arrows are pointing to ourselves, is to say that we live and we learn. But do we ever stop living and learning? Do we ever truly take in and absorb the lessons and act accordingly, or do we continue down the long path of life, continuously making the same familiar 'mistakes' over and over again because that's simply the way our own unique brains are programmed to live?

I like to hope that once we learn, we are rational and accepting beings with enough judgement and reason to warrant not making the same mistake again.

For  instance, last winter I learnt that I must never ever leave my house without first and foremost triple checking that I have my keys in my handbag. Now, every time I leave my house, I don't shut my front door until I'm certain my keys are in my bag. However, today I was reminded of simple trivial things such as two cups of coffee simply aren't enough cups of coffee to provide me with sufficient caffeine based energy. I also learnt that an apple, half a cereal bar, and a bag of popcorn will most certainly not suffice. These are both things I am well rehearsed in; they are not only based on first hand experience, but also they are based on science and reason. They are repetitive and familiar patterns, yet I make these mistakes time and time again.

I wonder whether human beings are made to be rational and accepting beings at all. Accepting? Yes. I think we can be gracious and accepting and humble when we wish to be. Perhaps even when we don't wish to be as well. But rational, logical, objective... I wonder whether we are creatures of those traits at all. When the heart almost always overrules the head, and when we are prone to such struggles and torment between the battles of the heart and the head. Why would we battle at all if logic and reason were our primary states?

So why is it that most days we are taught a lesson, but the lesson may have most likely been taught many times before? Maybe we're not searching for a lesson at all. However, when it comes to house keys or caffeinated beverages... those lessons are a different kind of mandatory lesson which must never be overlooked. Now for the lesson of sleep...

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