Saturday, 15 June 2013

A series of unfortunate events

Following multiple events today, it feels as though I could somewhat successfully re-write Alanis Morrisette's 'Ironic', perhaps with the song title adjusted more appropriately to 'unfortunate irony'.

I do believe in the goodness of the world and humanity, but I have to stop once in a while, particularly on days like today and remember that sometimes, with all the goodness in the world, it really does feel like we are fighting against the inevitable. Perhaps it's times like today when the fight is insignificant... Perhaps not to fight but to accept is more helpful than to fight the things that ultimately, bitterness and anger unfortunately cannot change. This day of unfortunate irony began when I awoke at approximately 5.45am for no reason whatsoever; today was a day off. The day ended with me being stranded at Leeds train station for an hour and fifteen minutes in the early hours of the morning because trains to York were unexplainably 'cancelled until further notice'.

I shall make a conscious effort not to reel out a list of events; such a list would defeat my aim to always focus on the good. So instead, I shall make a very conscious effort to note how grateful I am to be home and that I can reflect on today with a good sense of humour.

On to the next adventure tomorrow...

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