Sunday, 30 June 2013

Only on a Sunday

It is Sunday morning and I currently sit in my bedroom debating whether I have time or want to go to the gym quickly this morning. It will only be a brief visit because I am expecting the arrival of my sister soon. However, when Brys visits we usually eat lots of delicious food and do some baking so I think the gym really might be a good idea this morning. Decision made: I shall finish my coffee and head over there. Yesterday I discovered that I have access to the entire archives of Downton Abbey on my iPhone whilst I'm working out on any of the cardio machines so I did just that! I have been intending to watch Downton Abbey ever since it began on ITV a while ago, due to my adoration for Maggie Smith and many recommendations from various friends. But as ever, time to watch TV is very rare and often at the bottom of my priority list with the great exception of Grey's Anatomy. So Downton never became something I embraced until now, putting my womanly multi-tasking abilities to a very productive use.

Yesterday morning I awoke to a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered at my home from my boyfriend who is away in Scotland at the moment. Now I know that perfection is an internal ideal which doesn't exist in any form of reality, but in my books if perfect ways to wake up existed, they would look a little something like this.

Time to stop blogging and begin my day. Yes, only on a Sunday can a day begin at 11am.

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  1. Hi Tanya, I just found your blog because I was looking for the model's name of the Colenima S/S13 collection (which I really adore). So here I am, and it's really exciting to read your blog :) I love Downton Abbey, I have got 2 seasons on DVD and couldn't stop watching it!
    Love, Jasmin