Monday, 3 June 2013

From Birmingham

I type this sat in my hotel room in Birmingham following an afternoon of hair prep and dinner. Dinner was a 'mystery' vegetarian meal which happened to be not my cup of tea whatsoever. Unfortunately this meant I was left with shiny new red hair, great company, good wine, but still rather peckish.

So I sit here with my Nakd wholefoods bar, juice, tea, tissues, and 'cold and flu' tablets. It seems that months and months of hard work are finally catching up with me. I can disconnect my mind from this feeling with great ease. This is done by distractions and keeping busy and focused on the next thing, on bettering myself, on the new and exciting adventures. Keeping that 'no rest for the wicked' momentum in full swing. My brain is an expert on fighting these things! But there is only so much my body can do to fight it off. I fear I am crashing... Not ideal when I have a week of suitcase living and travel ahead.

I wonder if I will have had a miraculous recovery when I wake in the morning... Does my positive thinking stretch that far?

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