Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Just another Tuesday

I seem to have grown out of the habit of documenting days as they happen. But this day seems to be document-worthy, so here goes. This day has been full of so much goodness that it seems a shame not to write. It began with an ever so slight accidental detour of my journey on my way to Manchester this morning. I ever so confidently jumped on the familiar trainline which runs from Manchester Airport to Scarborough/Middlesborough, with York mid-way to find half an hour later that I had indeed arrived at Malton and not somewhere en route to Manchester. Malton is the opposite way to where I was heading.. Needless to say I hastily made my way off the train and boarded the next one back down the line to Manchester. I was an hour late to my job but luckily this seemed to be OK. To say this has been the only downfall to my day is quite a blessing. And even this downfall proved to be one of considerable comedic value. Not even the ticket man on the train thought to alert me to the fact that I was travelling in the opposite direction to my destination!

My journey was now an hour longer so I enjoyed ample time listening to Mumford & Sons, reading a wonderfully compelling book, and taking in the sun rays from the window as I travelled across the country. I have grown to both love and despise train travelling; my lucky boyfriend was the recipient of the projection of my loathing for Transpennine Express multiple times last week when the scheduled trains were all cancelled and Leeds train station became my temporary home until the early hours of the morning. Anyway, with the bad always comes the good, and travel is more often than not quite a pleasant experience, particularly when with either good company, a good book, or an exceptionally good soy cappuccino!  On the other hand, perhaps this is just a learnt appreciation because I seem to remember being quite violently travel sick when I was a child so goodness knows what changed. Maybe I grew older and became less timid and nervous, therefore learnt the art of combining patience, anticipation, and appreciation. Since so much time is spent on the road, one really must learn to appreciate the good otherwise insanity might just take over. Trains have become familiar. That feeling of being home that most of us crave and some of us rarely find.. Not even being on a train, just being in transit; going from A to B and being somewhere in between. I think this was the beauty of my accidental trainline mishap - I enjoyed the extra time. I also received two wonderful emails - One email was my mark for an assignment which I have astounded myself with my grade. It's interesting - how easy it is to always so persistently doubt our own abilities until absolutely and categorically proven otherwise. The another email invited me to interview for a trainee counsellor placement for my post grad course. Needless to say, it was a really beautiful summers day but it could have been grey and rainy and dull outside and I still would have been filled with joy. 

Today was just another Tuesday but today was a good day - the sun and the warmth helped of course. But the shoot was great. Really great people, nice chilled atmosphere, great shots, and it's always good to catch up with people. Today was a gentle reminder that a 'good day' is to be appreciated. After the most crowded Northern train I think I've ever experienced, I arrived home, went for a run, witnessed the most incredible sunset on the outskirts of York, and discovered a somewhat unusually swollen ankle. (let this be a lesson not to over-do the exercise!) I then spent a couple of hours with an impromptu visitor this evening discussing all the worldly issues of life the universe and everything. 

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