Saturday, 1 June 2013


Last week, in fact it was over a week ago - it was our summer ball/end of year event at University. Having already done the 'ending' and with it being significantly cold temperatures, it didn't really feel like like a typical  'ending' or a 'summer ball' - but it did feel like an incredible night with some equally incredible friends. We spent the first few hours enjoying wine and being at Uni spending time with everybody. I even located Steff, who turned 22 that weekend and was also celebrating her birthday. But the majority of the evening was spent with some of the most marvelous people I know, those being the two beautiful ladies I shall hopefully be embarking on the next two years of my post graduate study with. Matt came through from Harrogate to join me, Ruth, Penn, and Penn's husband Mick. There are not many people I can happily and quite easily spend hours upon hours drinking wine with, in a state of being what can only be described as hazily, drunkenly aware, content, and together. I am still unsure as to how I survived my second 24 hours straight of working, drinking, and being alive. But I did, and we concluded the evening at the Minster watching the sun rise.

The real moment - we were in the taxi driving back home in the morning and Ruth and I looked out of the back window of the taxi to see the morning sun rise above the city buildings and the Minster. It was so warm and bright and beautiful. We looked at each other, took a breath, and took the view in.

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