Saturday, 1 June 2013

June 1st: 'time off?'

June 1st, Saturday. It has been two days of glorious sunshine. Yes, pure English sunshine. This sunshine is certainly wonderfully timed because these are the first days off I've had since Christmas and there isn't a rain drop in sight. As ever, I am a person of the sun. The sun makes me feel at home, at peace, and at one. However, I have realized that the concept of 'time off' is somewhat alien to me, therefore I have to admit to not embracing this break quite as much as I anticipated. In fact, I have spend a considerable amount of time worrying ridiculously about things that even with the best will in the world, I cannot change. This was, until my Mother kindly reminded me that worrying about what's already done does not change a single thing. I have to remember three core things: patience, trust, and acceptance. She made an executive decision when she decided that self-prescribed shopping would be a more productive use of my energy but I'm not entirely sure this worked for me. It did however work for her.

'Time off', even if just for a couple of days, has been spent with the people I care about. Time has been spent with the sun, with my emails, with my books, with next weeks itinerary of multiple travel plans, work plans, travelling, and with writing plans for the following weeks. I have also just completed proof-reading my Mother's latest endevour - she has written a rather interesting case study which I enjoyed reading and having my eyes widened a little more.

Determination is a gentle understatement. Determination and patience? This, I anticipate, will be a fine, fine art.

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