Sunday, 4 August 2013

A trip to Nidd Hall

Nidd Hall - one of the many reasons why living in England, particularly Yorkshire is very, very enjoyable and  not only aesthetically pleasing, but pleasing to both the heart and the soul. There is so much beauty all around us. Today my mother treated me to a spa day as a celebration of my degree result. We not only well and truly relaxed and felt wonderful, but we ventured round the exquisitely perfected and groomed grounds of the hall - water gardens, lakes, views... My mum enjoyed it and needed it just as much as I did, if not more. We soaked in the sun rays, (perhaps my ginger freckled skin soaked them in just a little too enthusiastically) we enjoyed a deliciously healthy lunch, and spent some time catching up. 

Meanwhile, throughout the duration of the day I managed to misplace three items - I just left my belongings scattered along behind me like a trail, only to be realized much later and then collected by my Mother. My denim jacket, my makeup bag, and my sunglasses, all of which I would never usually leave behind anywhere, least of all in a public open space. I am a very responsible and sufficient human being. My mother reminded me that for whatever reason, when one is with their mother, we are prone to somehow thinking that we no longer need to take responsibility - that's a mother's role. So of course, naturally, I leave a trail of these items around the place because although I'm twenty four years of age - I have a degree, a job, a house, and a car; I am still, at times, incapable of taking responsibility for the most basic of items in my handbag when with my mother.

I have now returned home, all items with me. And both my heart and soul are revived.

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  1. This place looks absolutely beautiful and it sounds like you enjoyed a real treat. And sometimes it's necessary to relieve responsibility and just enjoy being :) x