Saturday, 24 August 2013

Southern trip, day four: Dover

Yesterday I took a trip to Dover to visit the wonderful human being that is Amber. I stayed the night there and together we adventured (finally!) up the infamous white cliffs of Dover, backpack each on our backs filled with picnic goodies and a blanket. We climbed - yes, I mean climbed. Those cliffs are a steep climb up, not a particularly easy or simple challenge when sporting the 'sandals in the summer' look on your feet. So we reached the top, aiming to watch the sun set. Either we were too engrossed in conversation, we were enjoying our picnic, or the sky was too misty to watch the sun. But the sky was soon pitch black; we somehow missed the sun and the beautiful colours in the sky but we had successfully freely watched the world pass us by. Quite literally, we sat in peace with such a distance from the noisy hustle and bustle below on the windy clifftops and we watched the ferries and the lorries and cars come in and out of Dover's Port, watching the world and each person on their journey below.

The journey back to the town was not quite as beautiful. It was in fact quite a terrifying walk to remember. It was dark, there was ample opportunity for any kind of strange and mysterious disappearing to happen and yes, my mind was working wonders at illustrating a perfectly viable (and horrific) narrative as I tried my best to remain composed whilst gripping Amber's hand for the entire journey back to safety! Thank goodness Amber could remember to breathe and keep calm. This is not a journey I wish to repeat. However, adventures are not adventures if not for a little risk taking and trust.

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